Stop-Arm Systems

Stop-arm systems are considered essential safety equipment for school buses, making them a top request at QMI. They are also among the most complex equipment to install, which is why QMI should always be your first call. These all-in-one systems include GPS, cellular, internal cameras and signal inputs, which are cabled and connected throughout the bus and programmed to report infractions automatically. The unit placement is unique among onboard systems, typically situated under passenger seating. This can be an extreme hazard to passengers if not installed properly. As well, if the cabling and other equipment are not installed correctly, collateral damage to other equipment and components can result. You simply cannot afford to have an amateur install these systems.

Because of our long-standing track record for accurately and cleanly installing stop-arm systems over the years, QMI has been selected as Bus Patrol’s primary installation team in North America. Take no chances with your precious cargo. Call QMI for stop-arm installation.